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Now for something completely different. You may have noticed a lack of blogging recently. That’s because I’ve just been working, nothing too interesting. In fact it’s kinda boring. I really enjoyed the smug feeling of getting a proper job, especially as everyone said it was ‘impossible’ (In your faces) but as mentioned in early blogs all I’ve wanted to do since getting to oz is go on a massive roadtrip. So going against what few sane bones remain in my body I decided to quit my job and head off into the unknown. because, well… meh, why not.
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Now seamed like a good time, credit cards been paid off, got some dollars in the bank, its still summer time and most my Sydney family are leaving anyway. Them I will miss greatly I’ve hung out with them pretty much every day for 3 months. Verena, Tomasso, Anja, Isa, my new found son Oska, chris, elaine and everyone else. it was a wine fuelled pleasure. So after 278385984934756834759328i5938582959i3869328i56 changes of

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Tasmania!!! Actually this blog is massively out of date and after 4 nights doing pretty much nothing in Melbourne I actually arrived in Tas this morning. Lets rewind a few days. My friend Colette managed to find a free relocation van. They gave us 3 days to drive it from Sydney to Melbourne and all we have to do it pay for fuel. Perfect. We bodged some string around the van, hung up some sheets, to hide who

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ever it was who’s illegally lay on the bed in the back. Then we just had to travel 1000km in a van we had no insurance or paper work for which we got for free of some guy on the internet. personally i couldn’t see a single flaw in this plan so off we went. Me, Colette and Stuart, who we met in the hostel, headed off south. In the rain. The first day I admit it, it rained. a lot. least it wasn’t snowing. After driving all day on the scenic route, we ended up in Jarvis bay. which is a whopping 2 hours south of Sydney on the non

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scenic route. we found a suitable/free place to pull up for the night. nice beach, bbq facilities, shower, toilet and more impressively a family of wild Kangaroos. My first non roadkill Kangaroos!!! we failed to make pasta on the beach, but successfully made sandy scrabbled eggs and beans. then failed to make a fire and instead opted for the simpler option of sitting and drinking wine. the second morning we started the day feeding the ‘roos before headed off again. We Stopped at the not particularly impressive ‘potato point’ where we met another British family also drawn there because the name. After more coastal driving we looked for a suitable place for the second

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night. whilst hunting for somewhere to spend the night we ended up driving down some dirt track into the forest only to find it to be a bit rubbish. so we back tracked quite far and headed into the mountains we not real plan. after trying/failing to get into mountains due all the roads being dirt tracks and not actually on our maps we decide it was a better plan of staying in a carpark in a little mountain village. Night 2 we made burgers and pasta on our gas oven in a park, drank more wine and spent the night in a car park in the middle of nowhere. we had the pleasure of giving local bemused looks as free unwashed people climbed out of a car in the morning. Then we headed ‘straight’ for Melbourne, easy only 3 hours away. turns out if you take the scenic route and back track you don’t get very far. when we finally set off at 11am, it turned out we we’re still 500km from melbourne. so in 2 days we hadn’t even got half way. bugger. we made the rather quick dash though the rolling mountains. I say quick obviously we had time for a massive detour to some island which was inhabited with wild Koalas.

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A nice old man on the island showed us around and pointed out all the prime Koala spotting places. We had a nice time taking photos of Koala and not driving. Then spent 4 days in Melbourne procrastinating/sleeping and not organising the Tasmania trip. After the luck of finding a car for free in Sydney, we assumed finding one for free on Tasmania would be just as easy. Apparently not. So now me and Colette are in Hobart with out any vehicle. we did get an offer of a free tent to borrow from someone in Melbourne, I neglected to pick it up. And its raining again;) The next few weeks are going to be adventures of the disorganised kind. come on gumtree do us proud we can get a car somehow. Enjoy the snow!

Written on February 7th, 2012 , Australia
  1. Teece commented

    The Blogs are back!
    Keep it up matey, find a devil for me!

    February 13, 2012 at 1:09 pm
  2. Tom commented

    Loved Tazzy… watch out for snakes!!

    February 22, 2012 at 2:33 am
  3. LucasCeare commented

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