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Mental note. Always check the flight time and date. Tasmania. Tasmania, Tasmania, where to start. probably somewhere near the start. This is 3 weeks worth of info so get comfy. maybe go make a tea first then sit and read this. certainly don’t start reading if you have something to do in the next half hour. guys and gals, I’ll rewind 3 weeks, but before that I’d like to make a point. Tasmania as some of you may know is part of a country famous for its soaps called Australia. Australia, now this may surprise some of you, is a
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rich, western, developed country. This raises the question of why the hell is there no bloody internet of phone signal over 90% of Tasmania. pretty much anywhere that isn’t a major city (If you could call them that in Tassie) has no signal. And as for finding Wi-fi, dream on. This made organising anything kind of annoying, having 2 disorganised people with out these modern day necessity is a recipe for disaster. Anyway, lets start at the start. We arrived in Hobart ‘capital’ of tassie. we had one thing in mind, lets get a van. somehow. now the chances of finding someone who wanted to lend us a van for 3 week for no apparent reason seamed, well… slim to say the least. There was only one thing for it. Spam the hell out of Gumtree and see pray. When that fails spam the hell out of it again trying to blag a lift of some Germans who we’re organised enough to actually buy a car. In the morning I posted adds asking to ‘borrow a van/car.’ In the afternoon I posted adds asking to ‘borrow a van/car.’ The next day Gumtree emailed me asking me not to keep putting up reworded versions

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of the same add or they would remove them. In the late first afternoon, before gumtree had sent annoyed sounding emails, we got a phone call. Being male I panicked and handed to phone to Colette. She wondered off on the phone. A few anxious minutes pass, it could have been 30 seconds actually, this was 3 weeks ago and i’m trying to make a phone call sound interesting. She returns (with phone) it was ‘Tim’ an English Expat who we planned to drive to the west coast then spend 3 weeks sea kayaking down the coast back to Hobart. As you do. Well certainly not as I do. But he wasn’t just some nutter ringing to tell us about his life plans. Oh no. He needed someone to drive with him then take the van back to Hobart. He also said, hey he’s not using it for 3 weeks so it’s all ours. Only catch was he wouldn’t be ready to leave for a week. So we had a week to kill in Hobart then we had a free van!!!! ‘love it when a plan comes together’ what to do in Hobart for a week???? not a lot to do in Hobart. safe to say having a week to kill we did everything. took

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the free city bikes out 3 times, visited a rubbish beach not realising a nice beach was 100 yard around the corner, Visited the ‘famous’ MONA (Museum of old and New Art) which was very good and very strange, visited photo exhibition, museums, the ‘historic’ port Arthur, went up the mountain. mostly we found ways of killing time. FYI Port Arthur was rubbish, and they we’re charging $30 for entry, had we actually bothered paying I would have been very annoyed. No paying for thing has become a recurring theme of recent. After getting a free Van on the main land then in tassie we decided we pretty shouldn’t pay for anything ever again. The day before we we’re due to set off came around. we we’re full armed with everything we could possible need. we had a $15 2 man tent and a $15 sleeping bag. surely thats everything you could need for a roadtrip. The day before we got a phone call from Tim. vans broken. he’s got to take it to the garage, not sure if he’s able to go. bugger, we’d been looking forward to this for a week. we even had a $15 tent!! we HAD to get out of Hobart, 1 week is 4 days to long. we went against our instincts and hired a car and headed to a national park in the south. all ways in the back of our minds ‘thinking, what the hell

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are we going to do? we can’t afford to hire a car for 2 weeks, let a lone a van. back to gumtree. again???? The national park in the south was beautiful. white sandy beaches,

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clear skies and forest backdrop. our $15 tent turned out not to be so beautiful. turns out when you spend $15 on a tent its not very good. I didn’t realise you could get tents with only 1 layer??? safe to say we we’re a little wet in the morning. our $15 sleeping bag also turned out to be a little weak, luckily we also had a duvet our friend Yana stole for us as a leaving Sydney present. bad nights sleep aside we’d heard from Tim again. faer cialis All good, we went to a different garage and they said not to worry about the problem. the problem was only lose engine mounts. sounds pretty minor to me. so next day we will set off on our proper roadtrip in the van! The van. what can I say about ‘Donovan-Dinovan’? you can see why Tim didn’t mind giving him to some stranger for 3 weeks. chances of anyone stealing him was minimal. windscreen, cracked. side windows, cracked. locks, broken. all of them. back door. either wont shut, wont open, or opens magically on its own whist driving down the road. We are going to blame the back door magically opening with out warning for the disappearance of several items. Including; 1 Flip Flop. 1 sleeping mat tie. 1 sleeping bag cover. We headed for the west coast so Tim could set of on his adventure in the morning. it took a very long time to get there. earlier when I said we had ‘everything we need for our roadtrip’ I might not have been 100% accurate. see what we didn’t have was any food. or anyway of cooking any food. or and plates. we had assumed we’d be able to pick something up en-route and that surely everywhere in Tassie sells camping stuff and food. Apparently not. the place we ended up only had 1 shop. it did not sell gas stoves. it did sell food. we even managed to get a rather expensive source pan. we headed to the camp-site with Tim, he had enough food and camping gear for 2 people to survive 3 weeks in the wilderness. we had some pasta we couldn’t cook and a tent that made us wet. we proudly erected our tent made nice bed and shamefully borrowed his gas cooker. I suspect he might have been slightly worried about who he’d lent his van too for 3 weeks, but didn’t say anything. Early in the morning him and kayak we’re gone. now it was just us and Donovan. we really needed a camping stove. no where in the town had one for less than $50. we figured what the hell we’ll find one en-route. luckily we did find one for the slight rip off of $25. I knew it was a rip off, but we really needed one and got it anyway. first stop on our roadtrip ‘cradle mountain.’ It took quite while to get there. we set up our tent, made christened our gas stove with a nice cup of tea and made some food. in side the campsite kitchen using there oven. Being a major tourist sight then made us pay a whopping $16 for camping! we took this outlandish camping charge was opportunity to ‘borrow’ some cutlery and another sauce pan form there well equipped kitchen. guilt free I might add. $16 for camping?!?! are they having a giraffe?!?! we we’re very cold, our tent fall apart in the night and once again awoke wet. time to rethink the sleeping arrangements. Cradle mountain how ever was lovely. you can see why the tourist flock. sometimes mass tourism hit the

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mountain, not only being lovely to look at gave us our first wild life spotting. moment after setting off on our trek (yes we trekked) we spotted a wild Wombat* which came right up to us. later on we spotted a wild echidna. we think we might have spotted a tasmanian devil, but only as roadkill. After this national park adventure we decide we needed more supply’s or we we’re not going to survived the next 2 weeks. As Colette is from Sheffield, we head to Davenport via ‘Sheffield’ for photo opportunity. Davenport sucks. The only good thing about davenport is that it has a K-mart and 2 supermarkets. so we stocked up on food, a new supply of biscuits and an inflatable mattress. new plan, sod the cold tent, lets sleep in the van on a blow up mattress. after a morning/afternoon faffing in Davenport doing god knows what we headed to another national park. what was once delightfully names asbestos national park. later renamed to an unpronounceable aboriginal name. this was lovely, lots of wild life, weird sinking sand beaches and nice walks. we got accosted to 2 groups of old people, who insisted on talking at us for a few hour before we could escape. in the morning, one only lady woke us up with cakes and a book that she thought we might like. I Certainly liked to cakes. yet to read to book. we, ok Colette, very quickly became very elaborate with our gas stove cooking. creating such delights ad resoto, fajita and chilli. this was fantastic from a stomach point of view. not so good for a time point of view. morning for us, much like the afternoon and evens quickly became a relaxed affair mostly involving cook nice meal and having tea and biscuits. infact most things involved drinking tea and eating biscuits. back to the nature spotting. we found our first snakes!! 2 of them in 5 minutes. we took photos and chased one of them into the woods. later discovered it we the one of the most poisonous snake in australia, and it we mating season when they are most aggressive. being blissfully ignorant to anything about this we carried on our merry way. now we both really wanted to see a Tasmanian devil that wasn’t splatted across the road. we’d heard you could attract them by putting meat outside your tent and waiting. That night maybe after one to many glasses of wine we emptied half a can of dog food next to the van and waited. very quickly we attracted a group of Posums who we’re intent on making a lot of noise, fighting and probably scaring off and potential tassie devils. they we’re very loud. we abandoned ship to camp site around the corner. next stop George town, for some afternoon Penguin watching. much to my surprise we actually spotted some penguins in the daytime. after tea and business we headed for the east coast. the old people we met before had filled us with advice on which ways to go and which ways not to go. we’d of cource forgotten. let me tell you something about tasmanian roads. much like the phone signal, a lot of the road don’t really exist. you’ll have a 40km stretch of road on the cheap viagra 100mg map. the first 10km will be fine. then seemingly with out warning, usually somewhere near a winding steep mountain, the road turns into a dirt track. track bad enough to rival that or Laos and Cambodia. this will carry on for 20 bone shaking km then it’ll become a normal road again. in a knackard old van this is not good. on a flat road the

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van feel like bits of it are about to fall off, on a washboard road on the side of a mountain you can’t help but wonder if you’ll make it to the other end alive. on a few occasions the though ran though my head that no one in the world knows where we are and we had no phone signal…. so if…. anyway it was fine. we got to St helens. St Helens, has the famous ‘bay of fires’ it was ok. trouble buy viagra from canadian pharmacy is we’ve canadian pharmacy both spent a long time in Aisa, full of lovely beaches, and both been in Oz a while and at this point had both seen stunning beached in Tasmania. St Helens did have a free shower!! much need at this point. after our first or many nights in a no camping area we left St helens in seek of urban

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adventure and a change from national parks. This came in the form of Lanuceston. Lanunceston is a pretty nice town we pay a hostel $5 to let us use the facilities make nice food. drink a lot of wine and head out on the town. no one in the hostel wanted to come out and Lanuncestons night life erm… not exactly booming. so 1 drink later we head back for our another night of urban camping. other wise known as sleeping in the van somewhere you shouldn’t. 6.30am post drinking morning wee… wait.. no we are in the city and its day light… no toilet. 6.30am dash around the city to a petrol station then pull up on a quite street outside a church for bph cialis more urban camping. we’d cunningly hung up a sheet over 1 window, the one facing the pavement, to ‘hide’ us. i suspect this wasn’t the best disguise, but we didn’t get woken up by an angry priests so i guess it worked. As we couldn’t cook breakfast it was decided urban camping was a pain in the arse and it was decided that from then on we would only sleep somewhere need a toliet. blimey this is a lot of writing. you still reading? i’m going into way to much detail and most of this is clearly things that only i’m gonna find funny as i was there. I’ll gie you a reading break for now and do part 2 tomorrow.

Written on March 1st, 2012 , Australia
  1. Teece commented

    Roll on tomorrow!

    March 1, 2012 at 11:30 am
  2. Rose commented

    Loving this story, await next instalment…………..

    March 1, 2012 at 4:54 pm
  3. sandra commented

    Well that was worth the wait ! sound great.

    March 1, 2012 at 5:49 pm
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