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Tasmania part 2. N.b. Italics = Colette Just going to kick straight back into where I left off. Yes once again this is a big ramble in far to much detail. After all the urban camping in Launceston we decided to treat our selves with an actual activity! yes, we paid for something. it wasn’t even cheap! 45 minutes before it started we booked ourselves onto a 3 hour zipline adventure out in the woods, doing some of the longest ziplines in the world. annoyingly as they wanted to sell you photos you couldn’t take your camera along, but it was good fun zipping about in the tree tops
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over rivers (ok, big streams). Colette was very scared as she doesn’t like heights, big drops, being in trees or being on ziplines. She saw this as a superb opportunity to face her anxieties head on and overcome this ‘crippling and life affecting fear.’ (her words not mine, she didn’t even offer to pay) The first test zip line, which was about 1 foot off the ground and 10 foot long, she handled with minimal fear. The one that were 50 feet up in the air were not met with such ease. Personally I thought it was good fun. I will admit it it was better than the one at CentreParks After the excitment of the zipwire it was back to the national parks, this time in the mountains!! big mistake. on the map it seamed not too far and a reasonable idea. As we should have learnt by this point something not being far away usually means its along some epic dirt road that goes on forever. Surprise surprise the park was along some dirt road that went on forever. Also turned out the mountains were kinda cold. who’d have thought driving over 1000 metres up would be bloody cold!! it was the first chance for our first camp fire, quite pleased with my self for making a camp fire that didn’t go out in 2 minutes. (This was thanks to the fire lighters as opposed to George’s Wilderness Skills) but it was freezing!!!!!!!! not been that cold in a very long time. I’ve seen TV. stupid australia is always supposed to be warm. FYI Aussie weather is a bit hit

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and miss in the south. and in the middle. and parts of the north. Damn Neighbours lying to us. shouldn’t it be boiling hot every day? After a night freezing in the van we made a very sharp and rather grumpy and bumpy exit down the mountain. At this point living in a van was getting a little hmmm… frustrating. we couldn’t get away from the cold quicker, We planned to drive down the mountains to find somewhere nice and warm for breakfast. we drove for a very long time. The dirt road just went on and on. even after driving down the mountains we still couldn’t find anywhere we could stop and cook breakfast. Dirt tracks just went on bouncing us around grumpily. Some comfort was needed, cold, tired and hungry we eventually found a weird mountain town to sit and eat some breakfast. it wasn’t exactly the civilisation we had in mind. There was no nice cafe, no warm sun and no blue skies just a town like something out of a horror film. cold, silent, and empty with strange monuments and a creepy scarecrow.(We were slightly worried we might get murdered here. Haven’t you seen Wolf Creek? Sadly, this was not to be the last time these thoughts crossed our mind). After some much needed food it was time to head back to the east coast. you can kind of see why most people don’t visit the centre of Tasmania. After that it was time to head back to east coast to the town of Bichino. Bichino was a fantastic little seaside town. very chilled out atmosphere. we met a canadian couple, first non-old people we’d met on our travels. They gave us a tip off about a ‘secret free shower’ you could use. we were in serious need of some comfort at this point. (I was starting to get grumpy due to lack of sleep, food and warmth.) All you had to do was head down a side street and you’ll find the ‘sunview hotel’ This was a very strange place. its not derelict. in fact it was in full working order. they just don’t have any guests or seemingly any staff. however it was never locked. so you can

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sneak in for a shower. bonus. even though no one is around it can’t help but feel a little naughty. I mean come on, what are you going to say if someone catches you? ‘sorry we we’re looking for a place to stay saw no one was at reception and thought we’d see if anyone was in the showers?’ or ‘sorry i didn’t realise we weren’t allowed to use them’ anyway, nice and clean I don’t remember for sure but we probably has tea and bisciuts then drank some wine and tried to do some penguin watching. we failed. next day it was a lazy day on the beach and some walking around trying to watch penguins, which resulted in a lot of sitting and more penguin scaring than actually watching. Also time to trying

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not to get caught having another ‘free shower’ and eating fantastic ice cream. It was time to head down to Fraycenett National Park, a place with the famous ‘wine glass bay.’ One of the big tourist ‘must-do’s’ in Tassie. to mix things up a bit we drove there at night instead of in the day time. Driving at night in Australia is something to be avoided. Its like some kinda surreal Possum and Kangaroo dodging roller coaster. Bizzare animals dashing out of nowhere. really if you are ever struggling to see wildlife just drive around at night for 5 minutes. it wouldn’t be so bad but all the animals are fearless. the just sit in the road watching you with out moving. usually nibbling on some other roadkill. nice. Anyway, the national park is lovely. apparently. we woke up to find a note on the window saying that we hadn’t paid

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our camping fees. They were right, so we left to go to the beach down the road. We were clearly sleeping in the van so had they actually knocked on the window and asked we’d have probably paid. My god, it was hot. hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. we wanted to do a trek up some of the surrounding hills. but could hardly move, was sat lay in the van in the shade will all the door open sweating. it was burning. definitely not a good time for trekking. perfect for a dip in the sea, hours later when eventually it cooled slightly we returned to the national park only to discover all the walks were closed because of the heat. turned out to be the hottest day of the year, 38 degrees! the bush fire warnings were too high to let anyone wander off into the park. later found out central Tasmania, where a few days earlier we’d been freezing cold, was raging with bush fires. the next day the park was still closed for the same reason. ‘Wine glass bay’ was never meant to be so the next day, after once again finding a ‘you haven’t paid for camping’ note on our van, we headed south to bruny Island. Planned for 1 night on the island, then 1 night back in Hobart and we’d fly out the following morning. Bruny Island was nice, loads to do, but as we had to get back to Hobart for our flight we didn’t really do too much other than a short walk along the coast and returned to Hobart. it was a shame to rush Bruny Island as they have white Kangaroos and other interesting things to see, if only we’d had more time. We got back to Hobart late afternoon. we had to: unload the van pack our stuff. return the van. try to sell out fantastic camping stuff. check our flight time then book the bus to the airport and get ready to leave in the morning. (George was having a major stress head day and insisted we get our arses into gear to have plenty of time to sort all of this stuff out). We unloaded the van, took down the airbed, the make shift curtain, put up a sign with stuff for sale and took all our stuff into the hostel. I then checked the internet for our flight. it was an evening flight, not a morning flight. it was also on the 29th today was the 27th. bugger. we could have stayied on the Island…. oh well, who needs to see white kangroos anyway!?! A crap nights sleep in Hobart

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and we had an extra day, reload the van, pump up the bed, put the curtains back and head off again. for about the 3rd time on this trip we tried to go platupus watching. Platapus are now offically my least favourite aussie animal, most because you can never find any of them!! i’m pretty sure they don’t exist. That night once again it was freezing and we had to sleep in a lay-by down a dirt track. we sat by the roadside eating veggie burgers in the cold. not a glamorous end to Tasmania. we just had to once again: unload the van pack our stuff. return the van. try to sell out fantastic camping stuff. check our flight time then book the bus to airport and get ready

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to leave in the eveing. Surprisingly this all went according to plan, we even picked up our first hitchhikers. A french girl and italian guy en-route to hobart for a tattoo appointment. as you do. we even sold out $15 tent for $10 to an aussie guy and our camping stove and sleeping bag to a german guy for the same price you could by them brand new. Now at Lou’s place in Melbourne. She’s good, has a new job and a really nice new house. I’m sure she would say Hi but currently she’s at a music festival. strange after 4 months in Australia i’m right back where i started. unemployed in Melbourne with Lou.

Written on March 2nd, 2012 , Australia
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    Hi Lou and George,Maybe you could do a short video together again ? hello everyone would be enough !

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